Coventry Boatbuilders and Chandlery

61 New Street
United Kingdom
Telephone - +44(0)1939 235 559
Mobile - 07979 784 967

We repair and restore Classic Boats, we build new wooden boats.

We have a special approach to our work. We claim to be good at Conservation. We try to get back to the original intentions of the designer or boat builder in our restoration work. We research and use the best of the past and the present for our new boats. We try to be Sustainable in our use of timber.




For our Building Restoration Services see Black Swan Restorations



Boat Restorations and Replicas - see the boats we have restored and Boats for Sale. We have specialized over the years in work for Museums, River Launches and ordinary Rowing Boats. We can do it all, or help you with the difficult bits. We have built historic replicas for museums and individuals. For boats with vintage engines we can do engine refurbishment.

Boat Building - We have a range of stock designs that we can build and we have designed and built boats for classic magazines.

Chandlery - In the past we have sold Traditional Boat Chandlery. Not so much now though although we do keep some items for sale, mainly copper and bronze fastenings, white and red lead.

Exhibitions and Project Management - over the years we have been successful in attracting funding to larger scale boat restoration projects, and we have advised in the early stages of a number of boat projects. We have also worked on exhibits for exhibitions.

We are members of the Wooden Boatbuilders Trade Association -